Pilates with Jennifer

“An  exceptionally energetic and encouraging Pilates instructor.  Jenn radiates a positive energy that keeps us coming back for more, building more advanced skills as we go. With her attentive coaching, I’ve gone from beginner to advanced mat and made Pilates part of my weekly fitness routine.”

~Marion E. 

I was never an exercise person, but Jennifer is a down-to-earth, supportive teacher of all skill levels. Jennifer was always interested in my life and my exercise goals, and is an encouraging cheerleader. Thanks to Jennifer, I’ve been taking Pilates classes for over a year and not only feel stronger, but am more connected and motivated to exercise. Jennifer is a gem!

~Rebecca H. 

 I came to Jennifer as an older client with injuries but with a strong desire to relocate my old abilities to move properly as I did when I was a dancer some 40 years ago.  I was out of shape and weak but excited to learn. Jennifer is technically proficient and creates an environment of safety-she is non judgmental, but instead supportive. She creates a class which flows and offers repeated opportunities to master the techniques. Jennifer has memorable corrections, challenging classes- warmth and support. She was most importantly encouraging when I felt like I would never get it!

~Brannon P.